Coffee Shop bib-style Apron

A beautiful vintage coffee shop artistic impression polyester canvas print on a brown/cream background. This apron set will inspire your cooking and baking every time you wear it. This is a top-quality set manufactured to our highest standard of craftsmanship.


The apron features 3 pockets across the waist trimmed with black and 2 loops to hang the matching kitchen towel and potholders. The neck and hem are also trimmed with black and keeps the apron in its perfect rectangular shape.


The straps are completely adjustable around the neck and waist with 4 strong toggles. The straps are more than long enough to fit most adults. Since the straps are replaceable, any length strap could be fitted at any time.


You can choose from the standard length of 83 cm or the long length of 93 cm from neck to hem.

The with is 63cm, but we could accommodate you with special size requests at an extra cost.


Note: The printed patterns on each set will differ due to how the fabric was printed, but the best cut for the best patterns will find its way onto your apron.

Coffee Shop bib-style Apron

  • Made as per order and ships in 7 - 10 working days.

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