Delightful black and white star print suitable for male or female.


A medium weight quality 100% cotton outer with two 100% cotton inner layers to prevent condensation with openings for disposable filters. Generous cut for maximum cover that allows for easy conversation. Soft padding across the cheeks and nose for comfort and a new improved durable stainless-steel nose piece to shape. Long adjustable elastic for around the head or can be trimmed for ear loops. All put together with our guaranteed quality craftsmanship.

Black & White Stars Designer Face Mask

Color: Black
    • Do not pinch the aluminium nose piece completely closed as this will create a weak spot. Maintain a curved arc for the nose piece.
    • For machine wash, place mask in a mesh laundry bag to prevent the elastic from tangling up with other laundry and the nose piece from damage or wash by hand.
    • Iron from the inside only, never directly onto embroidery. Do not iron the padding, steam the padding to disinfect.
    • It is advised to disinfect any new products or garments including masks after purchase by washing it with soapy water, by hot ironing or by steaming.
    • For advice on caring for your mask, send an email to
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