Lexi Laundry Bar for natural soft and fresh washing

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

In my quest to get away from chemicals and harsh detergents I formulated a laundry stain remover bar which really works. It is very effective of stains yet soft on your hands. I want to share how I do my washing. I remove the stains using the laundry bar. For tough marks which don’t come out immediately I rub the soap onto the fabric and allow it to soak. I do not use laundry detergent or softener in my washing machine. After removing stains I add a salt mixture straight into my top loader. I mix 1 kg of coarse salt with 500g of Epson salts. Then I add whatever essential oils I have on hand. 20 drops is sufficient. The essential oil is optional. I use about two tablespoons per load of washing and my laundry comes out soft and smelling fresh. An added bonus is that my washing machine stays clean.

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