Compu Knit is a family business.


And family is not just those who share the same last name.


Family is all our dedicated employees that put their heart and soul into their work.


Family is all our suppliers that know that it is the quality of their service product and products that add to both our and their own success.


Family is our loyal customers that return because they know we care as much about their products as they do.


Our service is always personalised. We want to hear about your business so that we can help you make the best decisions for your unique business needs.




Growing up, my mother was my creative mentor. She loved doing not only traditional handcrafts like sewing and knitting but had many interesting hobbies like fabric painting, woodcarving, paper quilling and tapestry making. That showed me a world full of textures, shapes and colours. A world where school books could easily be forgotten.

From all the crafts I had the opportunity to try, designing and sewing together outfits captivated me the most. After high school, I studied Art and Fashion Design. I started out designing wedding dresses and ball gowns but found a niche marked manufacturing custom sports- and corporate wear. The need for branding on my products naturally lead to a full-time corporate digitizing and embroidery business.


My corporate customers with their diverse products and environments are really interesting, but the day to day of running an embroidery business does not completely fill up my creative cup. So, whether it is painting, drawing, beadwork, tile mosaics, making art from recyclables, or any of a dozen other crafts, you will always find my studio amid an art project or two. I also keep my designer eye sharp making by cosplay outfits and props. A hobby I share with my two sons.  


Teaching has always been a passion of mine. For a few years, I had the opportunity to teach arts, crafts and sewing classes. To me, there are very few things more gratifying than to empower other women by teaching them skills.


As for many small businesses, the Covid-19 lockdown all but stopped our usual stream of work. With the extra time on my hands, I turned back to my first love, designing and sewing. I love the excitement of developing a new product, but it is the gratification of knowing that we can turn that design into the best quality product that really energizes me. Be sure to see more amazing and unique items being added to our online catalogue.




Martha Lekalakala grew up on a farm in the former Bophuthatswana homeland and she fondly remembers the late president Lucas Mangope as a leader who foremost loved his people, always campaigning for education and economic wellbeing for all.


In the late 70’s she learned sewing in the factories around Babelegi, then a bustling clothing manufacturing hub. There she honed her craft working with different materials and fabrics in manufacturing items like underwear, sports and casual wear and stroller covers.


In 1991 she moved to Pretoria and by then an expert seamstress, started working for a well-known designer making fashion wear, ball gowns and wedding dresses.


As a single mother, she raised her two daughters with hard work and devotion. Today she is the proud grandmother to five grandchildren. Several of whom graduated from university, with tuition paid by her working as a seamstress.


In 2011 Martha found her way to Compu Knit and is now an integral part of the business and our family. Not only does she grasp every new technique or pattern with ease, no one goes the extra mile to get a job done quite as she does.  Her skills as a seamstress are of the highest quality, clearly displaying her love and dedication to her work.


Martha is blessed with incredible wisdom. Never a day goes by without her praising God for his goodness and giving her all she has. 


Martha's dream is to one day have a house of her own.




Cliffie is the youngest in the Bennett tribe and his outgoing personality carries an effortless contagious smile.


He has a very imaginative, creative mind and a knack for crafting which is clearly visible in the cosplay costumes and props he designs, creates and wears with pride. He has won several cosplay competitions and was featured in the Kulula inflight magazine.   


His perfectionistic nature serves him well in his work environment. As embroidery machine operator he sets up our industrial machines with the utmost precision, making sure each project is exactly to the client’s specification and needs.  


With a keen eye for detail and the ability to keep track of multiple work orders simultaneously  he goes the extra mile for customers, always taking time to sort, pack and double check their orders.


Although his main focus is on making sure all things embroidery related is running smoothly, his general customer relations and business knowledge are invaluable.  




Growing up on a farm in the Eastern Cape, there were very seldom other kids of similar age to socialize with and much of my time as a youngster was spending learning traditional crafts like knitting, crotchet and traditional Xhosa beadwork. Learning from my mother, I was already knitting at age three. My love for everything creative was cemented in those early years. During my school years, I also learned to play the piano and guitar. Thinking back, needlework was always my favourite school subject.     


Although I worked in the financial sector for many years, my after-hours was always filled with numerous crafts. When the opportunity to be part of a nursery school for less privileged kids came along, I seized it. Being able to teach and share my love for art, crafts and music with those kids was the best job in the world.  


I know my creative passion was instilled by God, the greatest creator of all things. A few years back I started a daily podcast in which I share the wonderful revelations God shows me through everyday occurrences. You can listen to my podcasts here. In 2019 I combined some of these stories in a Christian devotional which is available here on Amazon. 


Currently, my husband and I own a pie factory and takeaway shop.


My soap making journey is a result of the fond memories I have of my mother making laundry soap in a huge cast iron pot, outside in the yard. Soap making is a fascinating process. I love experimenting and have formulated my own recipes using indigenous plants and natural oils, scents and colourants. Apart from sodium hydroxide, which is needed to turn fats and oils into soap, I do not use any chemicals or artificial ingredients in my soap. You can with confidence treat your skin to the moisturising properties of cocoa butter, coconut oil and olive oil, the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe ferox and the gentle but nutrient rich cleansing of goat’s milk.